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Feel Good Fridays

A variety of relaxing and therapeutic classes for all abilities.


Over the month we will have a choice of a recuperative class, some pranayama or a gong spa. Gong Spa Baths can be booked at, all other classes can be booked here at

Read on to find out a little more about each session or click below
to download our Feel Good Fridays timetable...


What is a Gong Spa?

Gong Spas are held at Cheshire Yoga with Martyn, a graduate of the College of Sound Healing, fully qualified gong practitioner and deeply committed sound healer, who offers Gong Baths to those looking for relaxation, revitalisation, blockage/toxin release and sheer pleasure.

For those who are yet to try the wonders of Gong Bath, the following list from Martyn's website may help describe what to expect. 

  • A moment in your life that is yours and yours alone

  • An entirely unique, physical experience of sound and vibration in your whole body

  • An incomparable, personal journey that is beyond words or description

  • A timeless space in which physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages are worked upon

  • An invitation to open up and remember who you are, here and now

  • An opportunity to just ‘be’

To book, click the button below and you will be taken directly to Martyn's site where you can select Cheshire Yoga from his list of sessions available. If you have any questions prior to booking, use the second button below to contact Martyn directly.


Alternate Fridays at Cheshire Yoga we will have a variety of relaxing and restorative classes to help you unwind for the weekend. If you’ve had a busy time at work or home give yourself an hour to chill out, let go of the tension and clear your head for the weekend. So whether it's a restorative class, or pranayama, or even a Gong Spa bath that you are looking for– come along and join us!



We are offering a programme of workshops every month with the emphasis on exploring different aspects of yoga in more details over a 2-3 hour session.


We are covering a wide range of areas this year from Back Care to Yoga for Golfers, with a Ropes workshop and shoulder special also planned along the way. The longer sessions will enable students to work with the teachers in more detail or try out something new.


Have a look at the timetable and treat yourself. 


What other classes are available?


From shoulders to knees
and everything in between... 

Workshops at Cheshire Yoga give you an opportunity to spend longer working on something special - it might be your knees, or hips, or a particular group of asanas such as back bend, to help develop your understanding of Yoga. We can get all the equipment out, have fun and feel much better afterwards!

We are delighted to hear such positive feedback following our workshops, such as this:

“Ready to face the world after today’s Backbending Workshop.

Came into poses I never thought I could, really enjoyed challenging myself.

Feeling calm, yet energised and very flexible”


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