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Yoga is a light which, once lit, will never dim.

The better you practise, the brighter the flame.


Our Students

Its been our pleasure and joy over our years of teaching to guide and support our students to explore the depths of yoga and find the physical and mental well-being it can bring. Our aim is to encourage others to discover and enjoy the mental peace and physical fitness of yoga. 


Read about the benefits of Cheshire Yoga, straight from the testimonials
of our students, here.

Our Students
What Our Students Say


Jill's inspirational yoga classes have been a lifesaver! She is amazing at suggesting adaptations to poses which make them accessible to the individual needs of all her students.

She knows how to encourage and motivate- indeed why else would
a hardy core of yoga students get up, drive through the dark, snow, rain
and wind for 7am classes?!


The Benefits of Yoga 
straight from our students


I want to get strong and improve flexibility...


“Yoga has helped me to improve my posture and strengthen my core.”

“Not only does she make the classes very enjoyable but also ensures that we actually improve our fitness.”

“... I always feel relaxed, but I know that I have worked out.”

“As a registered doctor I was slightly sceptical of the benefits of yoga but am convinced with experienced instruction, yoga is quite simply transformative.”


I am curious to try something different
and have fun..


“The collective feel of everyone trying to do the positions and of course the weekly meetings and bit of a chat.”


“... we work hard in class, learn a great deal about ourselves and we have fun.”


“She encourages you to work to your own abilities and shows you how to use props to help you.”


“One of the things I especially like is the range of ages in the class and the fact that everyone is friendly.”


“... the classes are varied and challenging.”


I am just in need of some “me” time...


“There is no pressure to be perfect.”

“Yoga invites you to be entirely present in the room, it’s the one time in the week when I give myself permission to do just that and switch off the 'white noise'.”

“For that hour the world stops, there is some calm and concentration.”

“it feels a safe environment to perhaps come out of your comfort zone and deepen your understanding of your body.”

"I am an older student, nearly 70, but I am convinced that Iyengar yoga has helped

to prevent my joints from seizing up! I like the way Iyengar yoga is precise

and disciplined."

"[Stephen] delivers advice and instruction on yoga poses clearly and calmly

and inspires confidence. He is also very personable and his classes

are always friendly and relaxing.”

How can yoga fit into your life?

The common misconception is that you have to be flexible to do yoga. The opposite is true. Yoga will help whatever your state of health or fitness. Iyengar yoga uses props to enable everyone to access the poses and obtain their benefits.


Yoga really is for everyone.

We have a full weekly timetable with plenty of options for classes of all abilities for you to choose from. You can download our A/W timetable and workshop dates here.

For teacher-specific testimonials, click on the names below:

Andrea / JillStephenJean

You can also see the full list of our teachers and links to their profiles when you click here. 

Benefits of Yoga
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