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Yoga is the golden key which unlocks

the door to peace, tranquility and joy.


Why choose Yoga?

Do you want to get strong and improve flexibility?

Are you curious to try something different and have fun?

Or are you just in need of some “me” time?


Click here to discover the benefits of yoga, straight from our students.

In particular, why choose Cheshire Yoga?

Cheshire Yoga is a brand new studio created exclusively for us, with the help of our landlord, who is also a yoga student. Together we have been able to create a beautiful, calm, serene – and BIG – space.

We are fully equipped for Iyengar classes, so the teachers can concentrate on what they do best – give a very high level of care and focus to all students. We have a full timetable with a class to suit everyone and a team of teachers who will make you feel welcome and give you the attention you need. Starting something new or re-joining after a break can often be a little overwhelming, but our main aim is to provide a happy, supportive environment where you can have fun whilst accessing all the many benefits which yoga has to offer. 

Why choose yoga?
Why choose Cheshire Yoga?

For teacher-specific testimonials, click on the names below:

Andrea / JillStephenJean

You can also see the full list of our teachers and links to their profiles when you click here. 

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