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Saturday Social Yoga – Liberate the neck and shoulders


Liberate the neck and shoulders. Our sedentary lifestyles and constant computer work leads to many neck and shoulder problems. It affects our posture and can lead to problems with the lower back. At our Saturday Social Yoga this month we will take the time to “liberate” our neck and shoulders. A difficult area to reach sometimes, we will work on the some poses which will help to make space in and bring awareness to the neck and shoulders. So whether walking the dog, riding a bike, reading a book or working on the computer, you will have better awareness of  your neck and shoulders.

And we will enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat afterwards with a chance to meet and chat to some of your fellow yogis.


Saturday 2nd March  09.30 – 11.30: £15



Andrea Haywood
Founder and Level 2

Andrea Haywood

"Yoga is there for me everyday. It’s like having your own personal therapist; it challenges me, calms me and makes me stronger. Teaching yoga to others is just an added bonus."