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It is through your body that you

realise you are a spark of divinity.


Yoga Holidays

Every September Jill runs a retreat in Greece. For one week you can attend two yoga classes a day - a dynamic asana class in the morning and a recuperative/pranayama class in the evening.

You have ample time to explore the small island of Paxos - sitting on the nearby beach or just soaking up the peace and quiet.

Our next retreat in Paxos will be in September 2023 .

Please contact us for more information.


"I’ve been signing up for Jill’s yoga retreats on Paxos since they began in 2014. Practising yoga outside with a group of lovely people on one of the most beautiful Ionian islands in Greece, takes some beating. There is plenty of time in-between sessions in the morning and early evening to explore the island, swim, read on the beach and relax. And there are lovely restaurants, cafes and bars to visit in the evenings. Last year I stayed on for an extra week with a couple of good friends and walked the length and breadth of the island. Magical."


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